About me

Hi i’m Lindsay, and for most of my life i’ve been around people, whether it’s driving a corporate bus and sharing the sites of our great land, to working on fixing a gas line in your home and keeping your family warm, training people to learn new skills, or just helping them get the most out of their lives through counselling and guidance.
I love it, and there is always a chance for a chin wag and to learn more about the journey that people have taken to be where they are. After a while, I got to thinking, “Why not help people start their new lives together?” so I went back to school and became a celebrant.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, because today I get to spend time with couples, families and anyone that wants to create a memorable and personal event that will last a lifetime.

I’d love to help create your personal moments that truly reflect you, and your needs.

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Ceremonies for all ocassions, engagement party, weddings, anything. Choose Lindsay Raisbeck for mirth and fun that's there to be shared. Lindsay will make your guests relaxed and happy and provide the ambience you want. Lindsay's been in radio for over 20 years and brings your guests into the fun and helps create a memorable shared experience.

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Getting started

Getting Married – Your Legal Obligations:
While choosing a dress, flowers and a venue are very important parts of planning a wedding, the most important task is ensuring that your marriage will be legally recognised. Below is a summary of the legal matters I will discuss with you prior to the ceremony,

Providing notice of your intended marriage:
Prior to the wedding we will meet and have a nice informal chat, to get know you and we fill out and sign a Notice of Intended Marriage Form. This forms needs to be completed no less than one month and one day prior to your wedding and can be done up to 18 months in advance. Both of you will also need to sign a Declaration of Marriage Form, declaring that there is no legal impediment to your marriage, this form is usually filled out on your rehearsal day about 14 days before your wedding.

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